The Overwhelmed Mom

If you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities as “mom” and can’t see the forest for the trees, help is here!

As a Christian mom, I’m sure you know what your top parenting priorities should be. But I, along with so many other moms I’ve worked with and talked to, struggle to focus on those priorities and worry that time with our children is too quickly slipping away. How do we make time for what is truly important on top of all the other things we need to do? How do we keep “the chaos of everyday life” from distracting us from spiritually training our children?

I am hosting a special phone call that will encourage us and provide practical tips we can do every day to help us in these struggles. If you are weary under the weight of “the chaos of everyday life” and are struggling to consistently teach your children about God and His Word, then keep reading!

I’m not some high-powered mover and shaker. I’m simply a mom whose heart’s desire is to raise my son to be a man who wholeheartedly loves God and desires to live his life to bring God glory. While encouraging and helping Christian moms from all over the world and being a mommy myself, I have discovered a love of and knack for creating simple & fun solutions to parenting dilemmas and finding amazing resources to help us be the moms God desires. AND I want to share all of this with you and any mom that wants the same thing for their children and needs a helping hand to do it!

Hear From Moms Who Have Been In The Trenches (& Some That Still Are)!

As a special treat just for this call, I am bringing together a Mommy Panel with some wonderful Christian moms who have “been there, done that” and some that are still in the middle of raising their children. They will share some lessons learned as they have struggled to make teaching their children about God a priority while managing their families’ busy lives. You will get to learn from their struggles and apply their practical ideas to your own family.

Walk Away With REAL & EFFECTIVE Tips To Help You Be A Better Christian Mom (Because We ALL Want to Be Better Than We Are)!

What mom doesn’t need encouragement and support in the daily journey of raising our children? In this call you will hear:

  • The #1 distraction that causes us to lose focus on our priorities as Christian moms
  • How to avoid the trap of “the chaos of everyday life” even when we can’t control it
  • The most important habit we can develop that is KEY to keeping our parenting priorities in focus

One Call Does It All (Well, Almost)!

As a mom myself, I know that spare time is hard to come by! That’s why I’ve worked hard to pack as much useful information and ideas into this 90-minute call as possible! We will use this time to not only encourage you as a Christian mom but to cut to the nitty-gritty of helping you focus on the important things in parenting!

Sign in Below to Receive the Recorded Call & Decide to Get Past the Chaos!



P.S. If you truly are tired of feeling overwhelmed and unable to do what you really want to do in spiritually training your children, don’t miss this call! You can’t beat the price (it’s free!) and you will walk away with some much-needed encouragement and help from other moms!

“See” you there!

Blessings in Christ,


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